2.0A Charger/Power Supply Combination
for 12V Lead-Acid Batteries.

Ibex Manufacturing, Inc.

L12-2.0/16AC General Description: This 1, 2, or 3 mode bare-board charger is compact and designed to be powered by an external 16V/3.6A transformer (included). It is designed to charge batteries quickly and may be used as a combination charger and power supply. It features two available LED signals. One indicates that the battery is properly connected and that the charger is powered, and a second indicates that the battery is being charged. The signals may also be interfaced to TTL circuitry.

The output voltage is temperature-compensated to prevent over-charging at high temperatures and under-charging at low temperatures and may be user adjusted. The chargers will withstand a continuous output short circuit or reverse battery connection. Conservative ratings and 105C rated filter capacitors allow a long service life in commercial environments.

Multiple Charging Modes An on-board jumper block allows the user to configure the charger for 3 mode (bulk, absorption, and float modes), 2 mode (bulk and float modes), or 1 mode (float mode only) operation.

In the 3 mode configuration the charger automatically operates in one of three charging modes: constant-current (bulk) mode, elevated constant-voltage (absorption) mode, and constant-voltage (float) mode. Bulk mode allows a discharged battery to be charged at the full current rating of the charger and provides the first 85% of the charge. Absorption mode holds the charger's output voltage at an elevated level to return the remaining 15% charge to the battery. Float mode allows a battery to be maintained at full charge without deteriorating from overcharging or undercharging. In 3 mode configuration, the charger should be used to charge a battery only and not as a power supply (please see App. Note 4 for a further discussion and for some exceptions to this rule).

In the 2 mode configuration, the charger automatically switches from bulk mode directly to float mode (skipping the absorption mode). This allows the charger to be used as a power source at the same time the battery is being charged (See App. Notes 4 & 6).

In the 1 mode configuration, the charger is always in float mode. This configuration is only appropriate when the charger supplies power to the users equipment while the battery is being charged and the equipment cannot withstand the elevated voltage the charger supplies during bulk mode (as high as 16.8V at -40C).

When starting to charge a battery, the charger automatically switches to bulk or absorption charge mode (if configured) even if the battery is slightly discharged (less than 1%). There is no need to switch the charger off then on to start the charging cycle. Some other chargers will not switch to bulk charge mode unless the battery is discharged to approx. 50% or unless the line power to the charger is toggled.

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